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Internet markets that knows their onions are aware that building a beautiful website with excellent copy and headlines so that internet visitors can have a good impression of your business are no longer enough to turn these visitors into clients. A new and better way to turn bounce rates into click-through rates leading to the much-needed sales is now available! Formerly, it was a secret, but not anymore. If your guess is videos, well you are correct! This proven weapon is nothing else but animated explainer videos!


They are short videos usually around 20secs – 3mins that tell a company’s story. They help to explain and make visitors understand, what a business is all about, what they do and the kind of product or service that they offer. A powerful explainer video, together with a beautifully designed website and an excellent copy would cooperate for the good of the business, increasing conversion rates and sales.


Previously, we have dwelt on the benefits of explainer videos to your business. Today, I shall be showing you real companies that saw their sales and conversion rates soar after introducing an explainer video on their landing page. The facts presented are verifiable via a simple google search. Quickly, let’s delve into the subject above!

1. Rypple, the social performance-based website, recorded an amazing 19% increase in conversion rates after adding an explainer video to their landing page. It went ahead to state that about 29% of visitors watched the video out of which 49% watched the video till the end.

2. Dropbox, another start-up opened the eyes of internet marketers to the effectiveness of an explainer video. Their landing page had just a single explainer video and a signup button. No text, no fancy copywriting, nothing! According to officials from the company, they recorded over 10% increase in their signup and conversion rates with the video viewed more than 750k times in that month alone.

3. How about CrazyEgg, Inbenta, and Google? These companies saw increased conversion rates when they implement an animated explainer video on their landing pages.

Attention spans are gradually reducing, and many Internet users are getting more and more impatient when searching for information online. A quick scan through your website and they are gone if the information there is not as desired. An explainer video tackles this problem by engaging them, so they can stay on your site and watch the video in its entirety. After watching, they may decide to buy your product or service, based on the content they viewed. Even if they choose not to buy immediately, over 50% of the viewers would still retain the information they watched on your site for months. So whenever they choose to buy, they will come rushing back to you or even refer a friend to your website.

In conclusion, an animated explainer video has much more benefits for your business than disadvantages. If you are looking to increase conversion rates and sales, then an explainer on your landing pages is a must have!

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