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Medical Explainer Videos – Changing the Medical and Healthcare Field for the Better

The true origin of the phrase “explainer videos” might be unknown but one thing is for sure, they are continuously changing the way different fields and industries share information. In the world of medical and healthcare marketing, an animated explainer video is a quick and convenient communications tool that presents a short and sweet education or informational snapshot.

What’s with Videos?

The traditional brick and mortal retail world is now easily accessible for consumers with the rise of smartphones. Broadband and WiFi connections no matter where you go have also allowed a universal way of placing orders and learning more about certain products or services. Today’s modern buyers and consumers appreciate it when they can view something anywhere, anytime.

Videos support a big chunk of the population of viewers when it comes to their buying decisions. Videos can even increase conversions by up to 80%. It is more likely for a buyer to purchase a product or service after seeing a demo video compared to someone who didn’t.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video, by definition, is a compelling and informative video clip that often runs for 2 to 3 minutes that captures interest and clearly communicates an essential core concept. An explainer video may be entertaining and light. The video or audio style is usually animated, thus the name animated explainer video. However, these videos can also take the form of whiteboard, live action, or some combination.

Key Characteristics of a Healthcare or Medical Explainer Video

The primary mission of an explainer video is obviously to explain. It tells a concise and clear story of just one subject presented in a narrowly focused, easy to understand, and simple way. The purpose is to get the interest of a target audience and to teach, inspire, motivate, or inform viewers. The video that touches both visual and audio senses has a nature of engaging viewers in a more effective way compared to text alone. This then leads to a better and easier mental retention.


Many people love and appreciate the marketing versatility of an explainer video. It can fit naturally and seamlessly to almost any place online, such as home pages, topic-specific landing pages, on blogs, Facebook, as well as other social media platforms. However, this is only the beginning.

A creative video clip can also find a useful purpose on your own YouTube Channel page. You can also include it with email information, for live-audience and public speaking presentations, and even for seminars, training, and launch or introduction of new products or services.

Common Applications of Medical Explainer Videos

There are instances when it can be very challenging to communicate about complicated healthcare-related issues and topics. However, you can do this effectively with the help of an animated explainer video. For instance, an explainer video can be used by a healthcare organization to demonstrate some new practices to doctors and nurses or for training sales representatives to explain brand new products efficiently and effectively with the use of multimedia in the presentations. Moreover, explainer videos can be utilized by pharmaceutical companies and some healthcare organizations as a resource for accessing information of patients. Such videos can be used for different purposes:

  1. Branding – Videos can help with branding the pharmaceutical products online and on TV.
  2. Corporate Training – The videos to communicate corporate message in the company.
  3. Patient Health Tips – The animated videos may also be used for educating patients to follow a healthy lifestyle, being aware of the medical responses to different conditions and illnesses, and keeping fit.
  4. To help medical practitioners and consumers learn the functionality of devices and products.
  5. To facilitate communication among the nurses, doctors, and patients. For instance, explain how the diseases can be prevented, treated, and managed.
  6. Functioning of the product videos can be used for demonstrating the functioning of the medicines at molecular level.

The Perks of Using Explainer Videos in Healthcare Industry

Some of the best perks of high quality, strategically placed explainer videos include:

* Be Consumer-Centric

Videos help make every business more consumer-oriented. Putting consumers your main priority means giving them support whenever they require it. A video is the best method to communicated health-related information to the consumers since people may access video resources over the internet any time. Healthcare explainer videos may cut through the clutters, getting rid of the need for the consumers to sort through the pages of the text.

* Show Thought Leadership Through Educating Others

Videos can be your best conversion method between executives and consumers. In addition to that, the executives prefer to watch the videos instead of reading texts. The short videos enable companies to convey messages. Companies may also brand their products through releasing some videos for various products.

* Demonstrate Considerable Leadership Through Education

The trust of consumers is highly valued in the industry of healthcare. The videos from the whiteboard animated videos to the product-related videos may help the companies reach the top of the competition.

* Highly Cost-Effective

With 2-3 minutes length, a professional and polished explainer video must have a designated budget for good quality work. With that said, explainer videos will help you achieve strong ROI or return on investment. Aside from the designated purpose and message, videos may be used in different places over a particular period of time for solid payback.

* Healthcare Frequently Requires Explaining

Anything involved in medical industry can be complex and technical. With explainer videos, they can simplify medical interactions, procedures, and topics for acceptance and greater understanding.

* Offers Shareable Video Nugget

Explainer videos are a knowledge gem that can be shared easily through social media or email. They increase awareness and grow the audience.

* Enhances Conversion Rates

Over 50% of the consumers say that watching explainer videos of products make them more confident to make decisions for online purchasing.

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