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Remember this old saying “a picture can tell a thousand words,” well a video can probably tell ten thousand words. If these ten thousand words that your video tells is in sync with your customer’s needs, then you might just keep smiling to the bank due to ceaseless bank alerts!
Yes, explainer videos can increase your conversion rates if you do it just right. Here are some of the reasons why explainer videos are a plus on your landing page and an added advantage for your business.


1. GRABS ATTENTION: Explainer videos are good at catching the attention of your target audience and explaining your business model to them. If your company operates an incomprehensible model that’s hard to explain or understand, then animated videos are the way to go.

2. REDUCES BOUNCE RATES: An explainer video would keep people on your website, by grabbing their attention so that they do not leave too fast after visiting your page. This would contribute to reducing your site’s bounce rates. Moreover, an explainer video on your landing page makes potential customers view your business as a reliable authority on issues concerning your niche. Hence they may choose to do business with you.

3. IMPROVES SEO: Getting your business to the first page of Google is the desire of every business owner. However, an excellent way to increase your website’s credibility and improve ranking leading to an increased overall SEO ranking is through the use of videos. This is because Google sees sites with video as a more credible and reliable business. In closing, statistics has shown that a business with video on its landing page is 50x’s more likely to make Google’s front page!

4. EXPLAIN COMPLEX IDEAS: If your product or services are too complicated for your customers to understand, an animated explainer video can help bring the boring text to life and get the message across to them in a funny, easy and exciting way.

5. INCREASE SALES: According to studies, a video helps to persuade about 50-85% of potential customers to purchase a product or service from a company. The attention span of many internet users are quite short, and they quickly get bored with reading long sales marketing text. Animated videos present your sales copy in a new and funny way to these users so as to help you close a deal. A recent study indicates that a “How It Works” video on your landing page would help boost sales volume up to 60% compared to other products without it. In other words, explainer videos offer a better way of increasing sales of your products and services.

6. FLATTEN YOUR COMPETITION: It has already been established that an explainer video is right for your business. Therefore, it would be foolhardy, for your competitors to have explainer videos on their websites and you don’t! No No No that is surely not a wise choice. Therefore, if your competitors have explainers videos on their websites, you should have an even better one too!

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